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Hey all, welcome to PixelBuys! A new and upcoming site & community that aims to help you find great deals on tech, gaming products or just great gift ideas for yourself or family and friends. We’re here to help YOU find cool stuff! You can also find us on X (Twitter) over here > @PixelBuys where you’ll also find some great buys, memes, gifs 👀 and more - so come on over and join us on X!

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The Team:

Blaze (@Blaze2kx on X)

I am Blaze and I run a youtube channel with over 60,000+ subscribers and I’ve been obsessed with tech, gaming and communities my whole life. I have built and managed communities and sites large and small from a couple of hundred members to 205,000+.

I have special place in my heart for tech, social media and handheld gaming so you’ll see that come through in what we talk about on PixelBuys.com whether it be about the news, great gift ideas or top 10 lists of things I think you should check out!

You can follow me on my socials here:

X (Twitter)
Youtube (where I post videos)
Twitch (I like to stream games from time to time)
Kick (more game streaming)
Patreon (Support me personally)
Blaze2k.com (TBC)

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We may be looking for writers, contact us at pixelbuysbiz@gmail.com

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